Meet the Wellness Soldier

Meet Cody Lindsay, the Wellness Soldier

Cody Lindsay is a Red Seal Chef and a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

He is known as The Wellness Soldier – veteran, chef, marijuana advocate, and a dad to three children. He served in the CAF from 2001 to 2008 which included two tours. He joined the Army yet served his career in the Navy.

In our estimation, Cody is one of those people that every medical cannabis user should seek out and thank for their contributions to where we are today in terms of access and accessibility. He has worked tirelessly to destigmatize the use of cannabis as medicine as well as bring relief through food. He is all about living the best life possible, no matter where you are along your life path.

Cody’s clean and natural approach to eating and living life is fresh and energizing. We all have to start somewhere and Cody is a superb guide to help you take the first step or the next step. At The Wellness Soldier website, you will find information, products and services in the areas of Clean Eating, Fitness, Meditation and Medical Marijuana (of course) as these are ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.

Let us know if you make it out of there without a new appreciation for life and a pile of cooking inspiration.


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