The Accidental Advocateur

Many of us over 40 will remember how awesome it was to see Ross Rebagliati take snowboarding gold at the 1998 Nagano Olympic games in the Men’s GS.

And, then how pissed off we were when the IOC buggers tried to strip him of it and the ensuing circus. But how proud were we? A super nice BC kid that put snowboarding and BC Bud on the map. We still get goosebumps here.

Ross embraced his notoriety (it’s amazing what one has to do to achieve notoriety these days) to became an unofficial and possibly reluctant cannabis advocate. How many dinner table conversations were had throughout Canada that would never happened were it not for Ross? How many people began to shift their attitudes towards cannabis thanks to this shy fellow with the winning smile? Sure, anyone can be a pot advocate these days and no one blinks, but how many advocates were brave enough to be themselves 20 years ago?

It could not have been easy with that level of interest and scrutiny but he has emerged on the other side as a captain of sport and a captain of industry. He is a dedicated father, can still out-athlete guys half his age and has gotten busy with Ross’ Gold Glass and Legacy Brands. Ross’s Gold is some sexy (AF), luxury glassware and Legacy produces premium CBD health infusion products from coffee to sleep caps.

His social feeds are fun, inspirational and pretty nice to look at. Go take a peek.


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