Flyte is in the business of creating the best cannabis user experience. Period.

Technology continues to open new pathways to deliver the many benefits of cannabis and Flyte is working hard to be among companies the forefront of this new global acceptance of cannabis and cannabis derivatives.

Translation: we’re pretty much a bunch of nerds.

For every one thing we think we know about this plant and its power, there are about 100 things we don’t. Seriously, how exciting is that? It seems like every day, there is a new discovery about some hidden little nugget that’s just been revealed.

Between all of the awesome nerds here at Flyte, we have decades of experience in cultivating, processing, extracting and delivering. Let’s be real – the world has long-known that British Columbia knows a thing or two about cannabis.

For the moment, until the new regulations for cannabis concentrates come in, we are working towards technology and processes to create products that are just right for the members of Flyte family. For grandparents who are just looking for targeted relief. For patients to finally get themselves off of harmful pharma. For those looking for focus, for relaxation, for well-being.

Transatlantic Flytes are also being planned, to leverage our expertise in extraction, processing, product development, packaging and marketing in regions where there are opportunities to participate in legal markets.

Exciting times.