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ADVISORY: There is only one FlytePen™ (Demo)

As most are aware, there is no Canadian production of Flyte™ concentrate products. Naturally, this has created a vacuum for competitors (carpetbaggers) to try to move in and satisfy the demand for concentrate products. Can’t blame them, but still.

While we haven’t seen anything yet, we are hearing talk of at least two copy-cat knock-offs trying to break into the market. We have also heard that there may be one or more former sales representatives who are bringing in pens and suggesting they are FlytePens™.

If you see something claiming to be a FlytePen™ (or “re-branded” FlytePen™) in Canada, well it just isn’t.

Through strategic partnerships and licensing agreements, FlytePen™ and JetPack™ will soon be available in other countries where there are regulated environments. Just not here. Not yet.

When that day comes, we will come in swinging for the fences with a next-gen vaporizer experience that will knock the socks off these knock-offs.

Thank you so much for your continued support. It means everything to us.