West Kelowna council yanks two medical marijuana business licences

There are six marijuana dispensaries or clubs that sell medical marijuana in West Kelowna.

Up until Tuesday, two of the six were operating with a valid business licence. They were Black Crow Herbals and The Healing Company.

The city had originally granted valid business licences to the two medical marijuana operations, but later amended its bylaw, making selling marijuana from businesses illegal.

The lawyer for The Healing Company had asked council to delay its decision until the B.C. government decided how it’s going to handle the sale of marijuana in the province.

“All we were simply asking today was not to make a decision on the merits of it — not yes or no — but to put it off until the province announced what it’s going to do with the regulation and distribution of cannabis in British Columbia,” David Towill said.

Leslie Flamand said she uses medical marijuana to keep her cancer at bay. She was getting it from The Healing Company. She said council failed to take people in her situation into consideration.

“It is so discouraging that today, 2017, that my medicine is not available,” Flamand said.

Tuesday’s decision means that all six dispensaries or clubs are now operating without a business licence.

The Healing Company says it’s considering its next move, including whether or not it will stay open.

“I’ll be consulting with my client over the next couple of days and make that decision,” Towill said.

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